Asset Management

Lettings & Operational Management

The Crosslane Group established its own operational platform in 2008 called Prime Student Living which now has over 3,100 beds under management across Europe.


Crosslane has established Prime Student Living as a highly successful European lettings & operational management business, which it uses both to operate the portfolio of assets it develops and as a standalone operational platform to manage assets on behalf of third parties.


Crosslane uses its knowledge and experience of the student sector, combined with constant research, market analysis and evaluation to deliver high levels of customer service in order to achieve high occupancy and high levels of customer satisfaction within Prime Student Living to remain ahead of the competition. In doing so Crosslane generates a holistic and long-term, integrated end-to-end approach of creating a sustainable investment with maximum returns.

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Maximising Asset Value

Our approach is to make recommendations that will increase the value of the asset. These recommendations are bespoke to each asset and are based on proven methodology and a wealth of industry knowledge.

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